Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Science" Quickie #1 "Shrinkage!!!!"

That's Right, Jupiter's Red Spot Is Getting Smaller!
Cold Space = Shrinkage?

Elaine "What do you mean; like laundry?"
Jerry "No, like when a man goes swimming... afterwards."
Elaine "It shrinks?"
George "Like a frightened turtle!"
Elaine "Why does it shrink?"
George "It just does."
Elaine "I don't know how you guys walk around with those things."


  1. Umm, is this, too, a product of GLOBAL WARMING? Can you please tell me??? Or, get Al Gore in here so we can ask him? Maybe he invented the red spot, too? P Geek! Please get to the bottom of this red spot shrinkage...I don't want to remain awake at night. You are doing that enough for both of us, all of us, to Infinity and Beyond. Number One, make it so... A galactic mixture of metaphores and other drivel from moi to vouis...

  2. It's Sienfeldian in it's complexity.


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